This is the jellyfish h264 demo on a using the 's VPU.

Using the CPU we take 300% of CPU time, using the VPU instead we take 10% (and even that can be optimized further). Using the VPU also saves ~1.5W of power. Thanks go to the and kernel folks for making this possible!

@agx Does this VPU capability work within epiphany/firefox for streaming videos?

@leimon yes, that's why i wanted to get this going with since that's the framwork used by /#firefox for video playback.

@agx So this means watching videos will drain less battery?

@agx Awesome! Which changes were required to make this happen? Did both gstreamer and the kernel require patches? And when is this landing for librem5 owners?

Sorry for all the questions. Guess I'm just excited.

@amosbatto at some point yes, but afaik devs are still working on support for that (but they merged Ezequiel Garcia changes today so it will be part of future gstreamer releases, yay!)

@agx WOW, 1.5W is a bit on difference on a battery-powered device!. Looking forward to watch jellyfish on mine.

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