Let's seen when I can run the whole day with the docked and don't have to turn the laptop on for any task:

docked preparations: Get a encryted image for Byzantium:

- Get osk-sdl into . Sync with 's packaging and forward the fixes:
- Notice SDL2 is broken on mxsfb (, check current SDL2 hg works and use an older version for now that also works.

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docked preparations II:

- Notice GNOME Settings 3.38 failed to build in . Fix that and add our patch to allow for 200% scaling (,
- Add Byzantium builds for librem5-base and other core packages.

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docked day 0:
- Wire up dock, test HDMI out, USB-ports, charging speed (
- `apt install <needed-desktop-stuff>` (emacs, mutt, ...)

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docked day 1:
- librem5-base won't transition from PureOS to due to outdated python-apt. Fix that ( so I get current configs and meta packges.
- Notice that lets the compositor pick the output for notifications so they might end up no the non-primary one. Fix that as well:
- encrypt the sdcard for mail and other storage

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docked day 1 (continued):
- settle in: apt install bash-completion offlineimap firefox emacs mutt hamster-time-tracker git-buildpackage build-essential ccache tootle vim-gtk krb5-config mutt ...
- Bring over first set of dot files (via git)
- Notice that offlineimap's Kerberos is still broken, fix that
- First mail sync:
*** Finished account '' in 420:55
- First time on device bulk mail reading using mutt (keeping for on the road mail)

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docked day 1 (continued):
- Besides issues i expected due to using the development version of the distribution things worked well. I keep the primary display on the phone so all notifications go there and don't disturb me.
- Until imx8mq's DEC400 4k output landed in the kernel is a bit sluggish so adding that needs to become a priority
- @merge started updated the byzantium kernel so one thing less to care about, thanks!

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docked day 1 (continued):
- a notification LED is great, even for desktop use
- I need a better keyboard/pointing device combination (so far i just grabbed an old one lying around): usb, preferably integrated touch pad, preferably integrated usb-port, preferably us-layout. Recommendations welcome.

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docked day3:
- nothing too exciting (mail prodding finish up elpa/#emacs config)
- noticed one issue where textures sometimes get corrupted after display power save. Doesn't look like or so needs investigation.

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@spaetz 🚀 I've been doing so for a long time running daiily since its first commit on my x86 laptop but it seems I now found a dock that has enough usb ports etc. to move to the - all the other hubs were too clunky or needed an extra phone stand.

@agx Interesting, once I'll get my L5, I will check the Dell Dock that I got for my work laptop. Good to see the Baseus one works. Is that an expensive model?

@agx Note to self: This works with the L5:

Baseus Mate Docking Type-C | GN16A | USB-C Dock with HDMI | 9636:9300

@agx OK, found the Baseus GN16A on Ebay for 23€ from their "official" store. Ordered it! :)

Hi @agx - does / will charging the phone, usb, ethernet and hdmi/dp all work in parallel via a docking station?

@dukethereal assuming your talking about the : yes, with the right docking station you can have usb, over -c and PD-charging at the same time.

@agx I saw you made the pull to v3, but v2 is still bullseye default. Is offlineimap3 stable enough for daily use?

@twrightsman well, using it since yesterday but works well. I'm having some minor hickups with still nothing a retrigger didn't fix so far.

@agx Ah I didn't see that it was transitional, looks like it's already on v3. Seems to be stable enough to give it a shot!

@agx The one with the best trackpad (also cheap) is the Microsoft All-In-One Media keyboard.

But the problem with that one is that you need to press [Fn] in order to use the function keys. (As in [F1] instead of volume up) The other problem is that it uses its own gesture interpretation. (Instread of leaving that to the OS)

So if you really want some nice multitouch setup, you probably need to buy Apple hardware...

@agx Would it be possible to turn of the phone screen and use only the external screen in docked mode?

@dylanvanassche @agx Yes, you can even do it right from the GUI in GNOME Settings now.

@dylanvanassche yes, I added doing this via gnome-control-center in 0.8.0 - prior to that you had to resort to wlr-randr. There's rough edges still but it's useful when you don't have a doc and the is flat on the table.

@agx Is it possible to use the phone docked to a monitor as a thin client in order to e.g. play games running on a stationary computer or librem laptop?

@dukethereal you can basically forward everything to the you'd forward to your laptop (, , ...)

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