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@bart Purism develops a new phone compatible UI together with GNOME which makes the phone much more expensive compared to the PinePhone...
You install Plasma Mobile immediately... 😂😂
Have fun! I am looking forward to read your comparison!

@dos The image quality looks really good especially compared to the beginning ☺😊👌

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dnglab 0.1 released! 🎉
Want to use your Canon R camera with #Linux? Here is an open-source app for you to convert CR3 RAW files into DNG to develop them with #darktable.

#dnglab #canon

@cytrinox It's good to see some progress on this. There is also ART a RawTherapee fork which is able to handle CR3 files. Another big problem is still that the Canon HIF files can only be edited with GIMP but no other program...
But thanks for the recommendation! I will test it immediately 😄 @kuketzblog Ich möchte aber auch nicht bei meinen Nachrichten nur noch auf das Springer Monopol vertrauen müssen. Da bin ich schon sehr froh eine unabhängige stelle zu haben die deutlich unbeinflusster Arbeiten kann also private Nachrichtenagenturen das machen.

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CCC meldet keine Sicherheitslücken mehr an die CDU. Schwachstellen wurden verantwortungsbewusst den verantwortlichen CDU-Stellen gemeldet, dann: Shooting the Messenger

@praveen But I think that this wouldn't detect for example if the attack uses a bug in an application with root privileges. They could gather information without changing the kernel or boot sector. Or do I understand this wrong? I have no idea how such attacks work 😅

@praveen I have ordered the Librem 5, but I think it won't protect you there very well. At the moment the L5 is a niche product and due to this and it's features like the separated modem it is secure against this attack. But as soon as more people would have it the Librem 5 wouldn't protect you against such top-notch spyware. I think you wouldn't have a chance as a REGULAR user, even with a Librem 5. Politicians and journalists are no IT experts who track their own traffic.

Picpanner News:
My Gitlab repository is a little bit outdated because I noticed some fundamental problems in my application structure. This is my first Linux application and I am not a programmer so I had no idea how an application should be structured. I looked at the source code of a view other GTK applications to learn how to do it better.
Long story short: I started to rewrite my application from scratch again and hope I do better this time 😅

@murtezayesil @twann 😅 I hope it comes preinstalled with SteamOS so we don't have to install Arch on the Deck first 😂

@murtezayesil @twann Yes, I would definitely recommend it. (Not using it actively but tried it and found it very intuitive)
If someone is a little bit more interested in Linux and wants to play around I would recommend Ubuntu to start.
If beauty is everything then go with elementary or Solus.
If dual GPU support (Nvidia) is important go with PopOS 😄

@twann And it doesn't matter what's the OS MicroG is running on. So if some apps have savety net issues on /e/ they should have the same issues on Lineage. But I would recommend to try it on your phone. If it doesn't work with your banking apps and this is a deal breaker then install normal Lineage and gaps. 😅

@twann My knowledge is limited here but as far as I know the problem is that MicroG can't answer SafetyNet requests correctly. This is not a general problem because about 2 years ago it worked fine but google changed something and since then it won't work anymore.

However, one person says that Banking Apps can work with Magisk... I will try it but one year ago I was not able to make all banking apps work...

@twann I am using /e/ OS ( because it has MicroG perfectly integrated into the OS and doesn't need any additional work. Furthermore, they removed everything that sends anything to google. They even changed the timeserver.

@twann I am using MicroG and it is definitely not for everyone. I can't tell if Google Drive works but I would guess that it will work. The bigger problem are banking apps and similar ones because Safety Net is not working with MicroG. This means some banking apps recognize the device as "rooted" and won't start. If someone uses MicroG they should definitely have the mindset that some not working apps are better then getting spied on and the patience to fix some problems.

@paperdigits I am working with GIMP for years in a half professional manner and I have never had any problems... I think most people simply don't understand image editing and its terminology correctly and are then confused by the amount of settings. But I really don't understand the discussions. I came from Adobe Photoshop and was comfortable with the UI since day one...

@kayden How about good color accuracy and good contrast? 😇

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