It's been 3 months since my last login to facebook. Using a platform lends credibility to it. It struck me recently how much YouTube I consume. I think I should try to cut it off: there are other platforms (and some "youtubers" have mirrored content to other sites). Surely, I'll miss *some* things...

@zachdecook i cut myself off "cold turkey" from all youtube content in mid-2021 and it was really, really hard. i replaced it with a love of baking and downloading/listening to music and podcasts. i just decided one day that i no longer wanted to support a platform that abuses it's user's digital rights. i won't lie and say it was easy, especially because i didn't really realize how bad my addiction was. but i can say with confidence that i'm better off without youtube.

and while i was at it i deleted my google account

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