PinePhone community poll results are now available. Thank you to all those who took part in the questionnaire!


> While is clearly the most popular UI across the board, it came as a genuine surprise to me how popular and SWMO are in general and on more specifically. I didn’t expect such a complex and unorthodox UI to gather such a following in a relatively short period of time. But to be clear, I think this is great. We also shouldn’t overlook that a sizable portion of respondents is indifferent to which UI they use as long as the experience is solid.


@arlequin @PINE64 In my experience, applications run similarly across different environments (performance-wise). In SXMO with sway (SWMO), the display scaling is set for the whole desktop, rather than per-application as phosh does. In SXMO/dwm (xorg rather than wayland), scaling probably results in pixelation, so you'd probably config a scale factor of 1.

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