challenge the axioms of your computing

🤔 filesystem as Directed Graph instead of Tree. no root directory?
🤔 people sharing a single display. several pointers & keyboards with different authorship?
🤔 coalesce the memory heirarchy: no fread or fwrite, only mmap(). internet as numa cluster?
🤔 snapshots + rollback as a primitive operation, applied to running programs. power failure tolerance?

what else seems fundamental but is merely conventional?

@astrid at least 2 is feasible in plan9 and you can sorta mimic 3 depending on how you use it

1 and 4 are extremely interesting to me though. i wonder if oberon had something like #1. something like urbit does #3 and i feel like it should be able to do #4 but i'm not sure

@rats @astrid
2 is feasible in wayland and reasonable to configure in .

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