Does anyone know of any open source alternatives to Kahoot, a real-time multiple-choice quiz game where participants vote by clicking 1 of four buttons on their phone screen. Boosts appreciated. @switchingsoftware

Hi @zachdecook ,

I know that #BigBlueButton includes simple polls - combined with their screen sharing feature and some creativity one might be able to create something similar 🤔

Otherwise, one could create multiple #Cryptpad polls and collect the links to them in another cryptpad - with a bit of markdown formatting, this linklist could look quite pretty 🙂 Results would be on seperate pages per question though

Here some more inspiration:

@zachdecook @switchingsoftware There's also arsnova, but it is apparently between versions right now, and v2 was not very pleasant to use.

Thanks! That looks promising. It's interesting that the quiz data is stored in the quiz creator's browser. A little disappointing that it doesn't load in incognito mode.

@claudius @switchingsoftware
On version 2, and it's still promising... I just wish it didn't trigger a 1GB avalanche of JavaScript dependencies on install.

@zachdecook @switchingsoftware I'm interested in this topic too as Kahoot is a cool game but not open source or hosted where I want it to be hosted :awesome:

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