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I'm a recovering sysadmin who just moved to Paris. I'm interested in , , , , / , and a non-exploitative online experience. and programmer. Learning and . Rank beginner at . he/him.

Is there a good half-remembered song search engine? I just spent 10 minutes trying to remember the title of "Land of 1000 dances" but could only google "the na na na na na song but not the one where he's kissing goodbye or that other one but the one where he wants some help with it one time".

So I'm back to teaching myself React and with every thing I learn I keep saying louder and louder "God I wish I weren't learning React right now". Is this really some people's first introduction to programming?

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Me: Oh hello administrative tasks, how are—

Administrative tasks: *Kick me in the shins*

So, how are we all spending the apocalypse?

Steven Spielberg has a very strange understanding of how cliffs work and where they can be

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"You shouldn’t name your variables after their types for the same reason you wouldn’t name your pets 'dog' or 'cat'."

-- Dave Cheney

TIL that Amazon's new AWS sdk is available on Linux, but only if you install... Homebrew.

That's right. Even if you're on RHEL 8, you have to install Homebrew.

I hate this timeline.

Ouch. First workout in 6 months. It gets easier every day, but you have to keep doing it every day. That's the hard part.

Through many contracts --
Venal, wasteful --
Oversight was minimal

He is the very model
Of a modern Major General

Well, the dog clearly has expensive tastes. He keeps trying to open the Moët & Chandon.

I'm going to write a movie about cheese eating zombies called "Last Train to Boursin"

Somehow I only just realized that Albert Hofmann and Abbie Hoffman were two different people. I had this vague image of a button-downed scientist taking a hit of acid and founding the Yippies. But no.

Interestingly, Hofmann was 30 years older than Hoffman, but outlived him by 20 years.

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imagine if everyone in advertising were doing literally anything else

Hot damn "Knives Out" was the best murder mystery I've seen in years.

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John Shirley (one of the original writers of ⭐ #StarTrek: Deep Space Nine 🌟 ) just joined the #fediverse one hour ago! Give them a warm welcome!!!

Was just reading their and damn they have been productive!

Welcome to the #fediverse @GrandHighInquisitor!

No, *you* are making a table of all the 10-digit prime numbers compatible with the North American Numbering Plan.

Also: 8675309 is a prime number, and the hypotenuse of a primitive Pythagorean triad. I'm convinced Tommy Tutone had a secret life as a mathematician.

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