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I'm a recovering sysadmin who just moved to Paris. I'm interested in , , , , / , and a non-exploitative online experience. and programmer. Learning and . Rank beginner at . he/him.

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John Shirley (one of the original writers of ⭐ #StarTrek: Deep Space Nine 🌟 ) just joined the #fediverse one hour ago! Give them a warm welcome!!!

Was just reading their and damn they have been productive!

Welcome to the #fediverse @GrandHighInquisitor!

No, *you* are making a table of all the 10-digit prime numbers compatible with the North American Numbering Plan.

Also: 8675309 is a prime number, and the hypotenuse of a primitive Pythagorean triad. I'm convinced Tommy Tutone had a secret life as a mathematician.

A VIP-only, luxury personal travel system based on skyhooks: yeet the rich.

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Follow @indiarxiv , First preprint repository of India, setup for Indian Research scholars and the works in the context of India. It is aimed to increase the momentum of science and for dissemination of research.

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Hire me! In exchange for currency I'm willing to work for you. Electronics, reverse engineering, graphics design! Fun! Click here and see what I can offer:
(fully GDPR-compliant, 0% cookies, and made with 100% recycled electrons)

Boosts are welcome.

Did you know you can rearrange the letters in "Banach-Tarski" to spell "Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski"?

OK, Mindunters is really good. But nobody, and I mean nobody, hears that somebody works at Quantico and assumes they mean the FBI.

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Yesterday, #Debian released sudo v1.8.28 that fixes CVE 14287, the vulnerability that allows users to run applications as root without permission. It really only affects you if you've configured sudo improperly but I still recommend upgrading as soon as the update hits your mirror.

"The node.js ecosystem is where the jobs are now," I tell myself, "Stop being a snowflake and learn React."

"Oh... God."

"Oh.......... God."

"Oh Christ almighty let me unsee the class definition I just saw."

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I always knew it was bad, but never this bad. The #RMS resignation from #FSF seems to have shaken loose all the conspiracy theorists and devotees. Its mailing lists and forums are full of them, still distracting from the public charitable interest of the non-profit.

So many blinded by hero worship that they don't realize the viral poison said hero had on the #FreeSoftware movement. The immaturity of these folks is arguably the biggest blocker of software freedom from widespread adoption.


Unprecedented: I disassembled and reassembled my laptop and have zero screws leftover.

Just got Marohn's "Strong Towns" book. Simultaneously compelling and infuriating.

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