I'm trying to delete Twitter from my phone but there is some people I really want to continue to follow.

I'm looking to setup an instance of @BirdsiteLIVE to mirror those accounts here but for that I need access to legacy twitter apps, which I don't. I can port Birdsite to the V2 of the Twitter API, but I wonder if there is something similar already done?

Boost appreciated


If you just want to follow the account but not interact and are ok with using RSS you can use the alternative frontend for twitter, as it allows to show an account and has an easy to use RSS button that allows to create an RSS of that twitter account via


@joao @BirdsiteLIVE Thanks! It's an interesting suggestion but it's not quite what I'm looking for. I really want something that imports tweets into the fediverse, so that I can only use and improve that ecosystem

@joao @BirdsiteLIVE also do you know if there is going to be an update to the version of mastodon Librem Social uses? There are federation problems with birdsite that are fixed in newer versions

@vincent API V1 or V2 you will need to apply for Elevated Access either way.

Once you have applied, you will have access to legacy apps (V1).

@BirdsiteLIVE I did apply and got rejected...

That got me looking into V2 and if I could port Birdsite to it. There is an endpoint to get a user timeline. Is there other calls that are not there in v2 that blocks a port?

Also TweetinviAPI supports some calls in V2 but not user timeline. I can look into another library or doing something vanilla with HttpClient.

Should be only a few 100s lines of code change overall

@vincent oh that's a first one, did they tell why?

I had returns from other users (didn't test it myself) that V2 API key is currently working with BSL once the elevated access is provided. So there might be some fallback logic available here but still have those limitations.

Maybe there is some prospection to do before trying to change some code to check what kind of data we really get with non-elevated V2.

@BirdsiteLIVE Not clear, but it seem I can apply again.

I started playing with the code a bit . I'm at a point where I can get account data correctly. Only the banner is missing, but that was deprecated already.

I have the endpoints for timelines and tweets, and I'm probably going to spin up a server to make all of that work. There is still a lot of work there to parse everything correctly

@BirdsiteLIVE The rest is probably going to be a good weekend project.

What do you use to debug an activitypub server? I was thinking of interacting with it through this instance, but there is surely a better way

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