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Ohhhh #DuckDuckGo what are you playing at? Here's a longer rendition of my thoughts around the DDG tracking saga.

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Es klingt paradox: Während Roggen in der konv. Landwirtschaft kaum eine Rolle spielt, ist der Bedarf im Öko-Bereich hoch. Trotzdem gibt es fast nur Hybrid-Saatgut und es fehlen samenfeste, ökologisch gezüchtete Sorten.
Auf dem Dottenfelderhof wird daher aktuell ein neuer Roggen entwickelt.
Damit der bald kommt, kannst du jetzt unsere Crowdfunding-Kampagne unterstützen und dir nebenbei tolle Dankeschöns wie Open-Source-Saatgut holen:

#opensource #opensourceseeds

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Still wondering what my secret project is?


An #opensource bike computer.

After weeks of working behind the scenes, today the first functional prototype was tested on the road. Hello world!

Check out if you want a prototype too.

#foss #floss #fahrrad #cycling #cyclocomputer

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Gerade ging der offene Brief an die Deutsche Bahn raus. 🚄

Werden die schwerwiegenden Datenschutzverstöße innerhalb des DB-Navigators nicht abgestellt, werden wir rechtliche Schritte einleiten.

#Tracking #TeamDatenschutz

Moving an account to a different instance seems to work quite smooth (we'll see 🙂), it's not possible to take your old posts with you. Thats a shame, but AFAIU they are quite tightly bound to the old identity.

So even if all my old posts and the infinite wisdom contained within them seems to be lost "in time like tears in the rain" (yeah you wish for relevance like that dude!) the "moving an account to a new instance" feature is quite cool!
Try that on Twitter 😃

Just moved my account from to The main reason is that, while I mostly post in english, sometimes it just makes sense to use german 'cause the topic is very localy scoped. Since likes to keep it english I think its polite to adhere to that policy. So no hard feelings @fosstodon. You where a great starting point!

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