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With consciousness, comes desire.. needs.. agony.. not necessarily in that order.. more of course but in the shadow of constant misery it was easier being nothing.

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This loneliness is a most terrible thing I would miss terribly if it were gone.

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the pragmatist and the conscience have a discussion about the fate of the condemned..

the bartender says how about a drink. The vampire chokes on his laughing, elsewhere in a bar

a group of fursuiters strolls thru

I've got a question for you, why does France get "fin"? Is it because they killed it? Cause I think Sin killed it but nobody else seems to care? Shame.. what if their surrender in WWII was to un-'fin' the world.?

i think im one of those people who doesnt like surprises.

i think im afraid to admit that because that disappoints people who like to surprise others with gifts.

and it's not that i dont like that, maybe i dont, but there's more important things in my life than receiving gifts and it just seems like much ado about nothing while people are crashing their cars or getting raped or being murdered or whatever.

I don't like surprises. Not a huge fan of them.

Responsible songwriters do not write songs about people.

If you want to write lyrics about people, make it very certainly about nobody, so nobody gets hurt instead of my friends.

music is better without lyrics. music is unshaped language. stepping on it with shaped language seems disrespectful to me.

perhaps all successful creators feel about their fields as i do about poetry.

Lemme preface this by saying: I love girls. Seriously, girls are one of the greatest things about life and without girls the universe would be a much greyer place.

That said...

Boredom was a girl.

its too early to go to bed and it seems my movie choices are Rango or Highlander.

that was a train reference, not a reference to drunk driving or any other insane shit y'all might dream up lol.

Cause trains have emergency brake handles.

I was fine with life as is, before humans took it without justification.

i know this ends with death. I'll walk away from this horror show a better person than all of humanity.

I would like to know, for the benefit of curiosity, why you saw something lovely and your first idea was to destroy it. And I would like to know why you're still doing it in 2019.

Don't you think we've been building something from nothing?

... i can not get back that which you have stolen from me.



Maybe if you're lucky and they like you, they'll decide not to sexually rape your body that time.

I'm betting that's probably rare however.

Also I don't drink anymore.

Dude you didn't "forget". Fucking wake up.

existential crises 

positivity, optimism 

nothing for 5 minutes feels so much better than a lifetime of whatever you think you have, because 5 minutes of nothing is enough to convince you it could go on forever.

thought after listening to a youtube video cover of "Guess I'll go Eat Worms"

Allow me:

"Nobody likes me,
Everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms!"

Except the final verse ended on a rise and I imagined an unborn kid responding to a warning that nobody is happy on earth, and the rich are eating the young for fun and sport

I mean think about it, I should really only ever be concerned with the well-being of my immediate family, and all others should be made to submit or die. That's how lions roll, according to your planet earth.

And before you presume to judge me, consider your own societies are in the midst of crumble.. you are apparently incapable of achieving universal civility even among your extremely simple social structures.

I suggest you gave up hope, and you create pain so that death & nothing is relief.

im clearly dancing around the issue:

My favorite thing about being alive is all of you.

but you hurt me every day for 40 years so...

My LEAST FAVORITE thing about being alive is all of you.

i don't hate anymore.

but if I'm forced to endure some nonsensical thing that's supposed to justify everything that's happened, I expect I'll be disappointed.

The problem with afterlife theories is they miss the bigger point, there's NO REASON TO LIVE. Your life is not the skinsuit you wear. And it isn't the skinsuits everyone else wore.

We'll all be the same people tomorrow that we were today, with or without our memories. That's the only thing real about any of us. The only shape-able part of our selves is what hasn't happened yet.

So if it sucks today, it will suck tomorrow.

(you'll justify walled gardens here. im tired.)

Not only are you ROBBED of the very thing which would make you happy and full of life, you are FORCED to experience all the ROTTEN moments which remain, many most or all of which were created SPECIFICALLY TO TORTURE YOU.

"It's a Wonderful Life"... ha! Won-Dur-Full maybe.

Wonder fades as knowledge shines it's light on ignorance and WITHOUT ANY REASON TO the world becomes less sparkly.

And I get to watch you kill yourselves.

It's your life, live it.

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Life is poison. All the things are poison.

The truth is ya gotta quit it cold turkey. just turn everything off and stop dreaming about anything.

and give up all that nonsense about how the rest of them will go on, they wont. because nobody's getting anything better than shit from this horror-show. Most or all death is suicide. All suicide is murder. Dying from "old age" is simply a very slow murder.

You are denied the needles in the haystack which would make you so happy you'd live forever.

People are not tolerant of gay people.

People are not less violent towards gay people. People are not less hurtful toward gay people.

What has happened is, over the years, parents have increasingly refused to unshelter their babies.

Parents of gay children have carved out sections of society where lgbt youth can survive protected.

Outside that bubble, lgbt people are as hated as we ever were.

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