@dcz anyway there will be git rebase -i HEAD~~~~~~~ before MR

@dcz Finally recovered my old dev image :)
Here's scrubbed version of playbook.

@dcz originally yes, but as i said aio loop construction is totally parallel. and main playbook could be a single loop calling modules with business logic. But that logic follows same principles, sequential unless aio-looped.

@dcz ansible (async io loops are concurrent)

@skobkin @grishka Oh so you insist on derailing the topic by injecting false narrative. So my only remaining words to you - русский долбойоб - иди нахуй.

@skobkin @grishka let say you are trying to persuade me they you are innocent to doge criminal responsibilities your president. Because presumably you personally don't pull the trigger.
Sounds totally pathetic, indeed.

@Gargron @grishka I was waiting when it will come to this - to compare your buttheart from malware with killing people. Good luck with that.

@grishka @Gargron And by good win I mean not moral satisfaction of some jerk but potentially saved lives.

@grishka @Gargron Innocent people will say - "shit happens" and learn the lesson (not to use npm). If there's a slim chance it can compromise a single nut in a russian war machine it's already a good win.

> They have no say over this war either...

This war is happening because they have nothing to say.

@grishka Oh right, of course. When your family is hot you request authorities to allow protest. got it. and if they reject - you oblige. Of course.

@Gargron Do not do what what exactly, protest against the war?

@jcbrand @brie I came with same symptoms to my physician and AG test was positive, then PCR reaffirmed that.
AG is just to pick at the nose and put into some tube then drip some drops onto indicator plate.

@vanitasvitae You are kind man. The words "Still I want them to know that I think of them and from the bottom of my heart I wish that this conflict will end soon without causing any more unnecessary loss of life. I wish that it ends in favor of the Ukrainian people. " will be really enough, just to know they are not alone and someone still cares. It is very *very* important. So don't hold up that godddamn send button, please.

@dcz I mean you can map it to whatever you want but default is
[ruff@dei ~]$ ping localhost
PING localhost(localhost (::1)) 56 Datenbytes
64 Bytes von localhost (::1): icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 Zeit=0.024 ms

@jcbrand @Paygan But they were telling it over and over again, each time increasing the precision (as the facts gathered). Finally even told exact date and time when it happens, and it happened. But you know that of course. Don't you?

@jcbrand @Paygan of course, which is why i'm saying - well done, proper message and proper response. keep it up.

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