Is there truly smart home where you hold the keys? It must start with open standards for how devices communicate. Only then is there a space where truly open alternatives to Big Tech smart home gadgets can exist for the average consumer outside of do-it-yourself electronics projects.


@primalmotion @purism yes,
+ HA
+ Domoticz
+ openHAB
+ ioBroker
+ Homebridge

There's a plethora of platform for every taste, I don't quite understand this fixation (from Purism) on big-tech

@ruff @purism because realistically, the average joe does not even know what we are talking about…

@primalmotion @purism Sure. i understand that, but such a unconditional statement that you have no choice... is the same as saying Windows and Mac are your only choices in PC. They are not. In mobile world it's harder, and I appreciate their effort with L5, but hey, don't push on emotions joining the horde of FUD-dealers.

@ruff @purism I agree that while I’m in line with the post, they could at least have brushed a landscape of alternatives.

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