@kop316 Wow, this is great to see! I just started having that problem a few days ago and wasn't sure what changed. Thank you for working on this. I look forward to installing this update tomorrow.

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My thanks to @purism @agx and all the other developers that worked so hard this last year to really push the Librem5 further. I know it has been a struggle, but after using the L5 as my daily driver for the last month I've seen it progress so much and can't wait to see the improvements coming in 2023! Happy New Year! 🎉

@nextcloud Thank you for still streaming the sessions! So many other conferences have gone back to just in person only, but streaming is so helpful when we are so far away and busy!

@alex_m Kind of random, but how do you like the curved monitor?

@agx @purism Was curious if you had any tips to watch that on the librem 5? I thought I had previously watched videos from within Tootle before, but now it just downloads and so I tried VLC and it played once and then locked up. Keep up the good work! Your updates always seem to be very helpful!

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