The world is divided into two categories. Those who own the technology and those who don’t. What do you prefer: being owned or owning your world? Read how Purism is building a better world as a social purpose company 🙏

@purism The world is divided in two categories: those who divide the world in two categories and those that don't.

@purism I'd prefer you give me a refund on the Librem5. I have zero faith in you as a company and have registered federal and state complaints with the authorities.

They always told me the world was divided in three categories.

Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what the heck happened.

@purism what? Your Librem5 gets more expensive the older it's technology is? Lol. Sorry I can't support such strange behavior.

@purism better world? Russia is excluded from your "better world". just a note.
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