What's your team's essential free software for remote work?

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@purism FreeRDP and Gnome's OpenVPN support have been essential for me!

I am working off Linux. But I work in TV so my main software isn't free... DaVinci Resolve, Microsoft Teams(the Linux version), and others. But I do have several in my workflow. Specifically... Firefox, GIMP, Audacity, and LibreOffice!

@purism Although I am a Linux user, my company uses Windows. I have however got TeamViewer and RingCentral working wonderfully on Linux so I am able to work remotely without issue!

We decentralized all with Nextcloud for data, calendars, contacts, bookmarks, OpenProjects for Scrum based tasks, Jitsi for conferences and XMPP for conversations.


@purism Xournal with a wacom graphics tablet(because they'are plug and play on linux) to make lessons sharing the screen

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