One of the most powerful principles of and open hardware is the ability to audit and verify.

See the community maintained promise delivery chart to see how we are disrupting the duopoly

Hello @purism, I see ❓ for dogwood and evergreen, so the email telling me that I'll receive mine in march is obsolete?


@DaD @purism if I were you, I wouldn't be super surprised if there was a delay of at least one month associated with covid-19. It seems like attempts to corral the virus are hitting all sorts of tech manufacturing.

@leimon @DaD the community updates the chart when the milestone is hit. Dogwood shipping window is up to the end of March and Evergreen in Q2. if COVID-19 causes a delay we will notify our community and customers ahead of the time. We are currently not expecting a delay.

@purism @DaD Oh, that's fantastic news! Sorry for accidently spreading disinformation.

@leimon we've received updated procurement and shipping information from our suppliers due to the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak

@purism I don't see a 3500 mAh battery on the chart. Is that still on the roadmap?

@blendergeek yes it is, earlier batches shipped with a 2000 mAh but Evergreen will have a 3500+ mAh battery and possibly Dogwood too.

@purism that's great! it would be good to have a comparison to other products...

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