What are your , and free and open hardware and software goals for 2020?

@purism patiently awaiting my librem 5 the. Saving for a librem server. I love the idea of a server with pureboot running it, then to build my nextcloud and own matrix and mastodon servers on top of it for friends and family. A pretty busy 2020.

@purism meer lezen is altijd goed. 😏
My resolution is the same as last years: program more, and get better at using rust.

- Hardware: buy a Librem 13 and/or Librem 5
- Software: transition to using Librem One services more than proprietary equivalents
- Career: get a job with Purism!

@dallin @purism That sounds pretty familiar. Mainly the getting a job with Purism. 👍

@dallin @purism Yes! I'm right there. Unfortunately the job part is hampered by my lack of an online open source resume. i.e., contributions to open source projects that "matter"( i.e., use same technologies for same purpose (3GL programming for debian (etal), gtk(etal), popular Linux tools, etc.)) Developing such a resume requires time aside from my day job, side job, and family time requirements. (And of course sleep and recreation.)

@purism Switch from macOS to either Debian or Arch. If I decide to finally replace my smartphone: install LineageOS on the new one.

@purism give back more to projects I can't live without, including the free software conservancy.

@purism trying to get rid of my gmail. It isn't easy! ...

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