What are your , and free and open hardware and software goals for 2020?

@purism patiently awaiting my librem 5 the. Saving for a librem server. I love the idea of a server with pureboot running it, then to build my nextcloud and own matrix and mastodon servers on top of it for friends and family. A pretty busy 2020.

@purism meer lezen is altijd goed. 😏
My resolution is the same as last years: program more, and get better at using rust.

- Hardware: buy a Librem 13 and/or Librem 5
- Software: transition to using Librem One services more than proprietary equivalents
- Career: get a job with Purism!

@dallin @purism That sounds pretty familiar. Mainly the getting a job with Purism. 👍

@purism Switch from macOS to either Debian or Arch. If I decide to finally replace my smartphone: install LineageOS on the new one.

@purism give back more to projects I can't live without, including the free software conservancy.

@purism trying to get rid of my gmail. It isn't easy! ...

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