The software team were hard at work last month making changes to calls, messaging, settings, the software store, libhandy, the shell and compositor, virtual keyboard, kernel and much more.

Read the full update on our blog

Look at those great community contributed keyboard layouts to support additional languages :)

@purism This past month was October. Can we expect an October update soon or is this simply mislabelled?
No judgement if it is mislabelled.

@blendergeek yes the October update is still coming :) sorry that this one was quite delayed. I'm going to be working with the Librem 5 team going forward to get update posts out closer to the end of the month. Cheers, Sean

@Purism I agree with @blendergeek .

We all want you to succeed, but for a company that we want to trust our data with, and advertises as an ethical business, we need you to be more tranparent. Delays in announcements are not good on our image. Maximum (litterally the max) time these reports should come out is 1 business week after the end of the month to assemble the information into a report.

What you are all doing in incredibly hard. None of us expect perfection, but we all expect honesty, integrity, and transparency! These are the basis for what we expect from an ethical company!

@purism Thanks for all the infos coming! Already eagerly awaiting Oktober update. I already did find some nice optical styles and infos on - November will be interesting anyways cause its the international month of Birches. I guess it will be the first time we see devices in the broader wild! ❤️ 💪

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