I have setup my new account @synfinner

Hopefully this server doesn't blow up like the last one.

hmm....I'm thinking a new Mastodon server will be spinning up shortly. :D

Oh yea...it's a pirate theme :D

@JPEG happy to support this. The 2.0 is quite a beautiful thing

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@JPEG am I good to give you money in TestFlight for Mast Pro now? Or should I wait?

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I'm that person that still uses Tripwire on my personal *nix servers. :D

Don't forget that something this simple can save your a**.


I need a lot of coffee before these meetings today. D:

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apparently the network discovery is the same as the signed bytecode to reboot?? :psyduck:

I've gone by so many identities that--at this point--I'm beginning to lose grip on them.

As always, I miss running my own mastodon server. I was the only one using it, but it was mine :/

Lawyers paid, tax man is happy...today is going okay

I miss running my own Mastodon server. :/

Debating if I want to start it back up or not.

Building report templates. ugh.

That said, make your reports beautiful.

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