Are you looking to ditch , , or Hangout/Meet? Sign up for a free Librem One account and get Librem Chat with end-to-end encrypted chat, VoIP, and video calling used by millions of people

@purism not looking to ditch whatsapp just yet, but I am looking for a way to implement whatsapp into matrix, for which there is a way.
First there is a need for an intermediate step, after that there will be a way for users to switch from one application to another, by way of a gradual transition. Hopefully there will be a standardized, but most of all convenient way, to make this happen.

@vancha @purism Iv deleted it some time ago and going for open source chat applications and hoping Purism gets the Librem 5 out in the future. :)

@darkijah @purism I want to do the same, it's just not possible yet.

@vancha @purism hopefully will be in the future :)
I could hope for Signal becoming the replacer. :)

@purism would love to ditch WhatsApp but none of my family or friends want to leave it. If I could use librem chat to talk to them on WhatsApp that would be fantastic.

@an93lofdeath @purism Single would maybe be a good alternative for whatsapp and it is open source as far as i know and encrypted by default.

@darkijah if I can't get people to leave WhatsApp to move to purism chat, how do I get them to use signal?

@an93lofdeath Tell them you will only use Signal fron now on! As facebook has bought watchapp... Dunno it might be a lost cause.

@darkijah they don't care about that like I do. I would rather use librem chat since I have that service.

@an93lofdeath A lot of people don't care - i guess that's the problem with the world :/

@darkijah @an93lofdeath I know right! 😕 Many people seem uninterested in securing their digital lives. It's quite difficult to convince most people to do it. However, this may be because most people are unaware of 'why they need to do it' and how their data is used.

@purism I got it. Happily paying for it. Now if I only had any contacts who used it. ^_^

@rlaska @purism i guess we have to lead the way to more freedom! :) If people wants to talk they have the option of installing the applications ;)

@purism what about Signal - it is open source, right? :) might be another contender for replacing whatsapp that so many used or use.

@purism Sorry, if I've missed it. What's under the hood of librem chat?

@purism can we have a public profile page for users on ? Something like .

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