Thank you Unbox Therapy for featuring our Librem 13 Laptop and thoroughly demoing the hardware kill switches.

In Lewis's own words, "You know how secure I am right now!" 😀

@purism did you see how they tested the Librem Key?

@purism Do you ever feel like this push toward security hurts your image? These features should be the standard.. and I hope you make an impact on the market.

@purism I really wish #Purism could also get into manufacturing motherboards for desktop computers. You're doing a beautiful job freeing the #smartphone and #laptop markets from the grasp of #bigtech and #government control. But many of us still use PC's, both for daily activities and web hosting; The mobo and RAM and CPU are still #proprietary #tech with a proprietary #BIOS / #UEFI there's no #FOSS #hardware for the modern #PC yet.

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