Do you have LibreJS available for that? Otherwise you are encouraging the usage of nonfree software.

@masterofthetiger @purism I don't think LibreJS has a version for GNOME Web.

I think they are encouraging people to use a device that respects their privacy and is there's to use as they wish. Going completely nonfree Software is still like taking a step back in time. Not going to encourage too many people to care about their digital rights that way.

Looking at what they put on their Librem 5, it seems like they are encouraging the usage of nonfree software. Which is surprising to me. It does not matter if the software is written in JavaScript, it is still nonfree. I would like to see them make certain free pieces of code which take over for the JavaScript for some websites. I.e. it blocks all the nonfree code, and inserts free code to get it working again. That is the idea of LibreJS.


@masterofthetiger @Phaserune @purism

If I want functionality, it's nice if it's free, but I'd rather have a non-free version than nothing. Maybe that's just me, but it IS me.

@billstclair @Phaserune @masterofthetiger we believe in giving you the freedom to choose, not removing or restricting your freedoms. Our products won't ship with non-free or closed code but we wanted to show in this photo that you have a choice to continue using your favorite services in a convenient way - HTML5 apps offer a convenient and sandboxed method of doing this. At the end of the day you choose how you want to use your Librem 5.

However, Debian has done something similar, by encouraging the usage of nonfree software via their nonfree repositories. They are not endorsed because of this.

I just believe you should make alternative free code to run in the HTML5 apps.

@billstclair @Phaserune

@masterofthetiger @purism @Phaserune

Debian does not "encourage" the use of non-free software. They make it available, but not by default. If you choose to include it, you MAY do that. Bravo, Debian!

They host it in official repositories. People need to be steered away from nonfree software. Don't make it convenient to lose your freedom, but don't restrict people from doing it either.

@Phaserune @purism

@masterofthetiger @Phaserune @purism

You WANT people to be steered away from non-free software. I want people to do what they want, fully informed about what they're doing.

I am writing this on an iMac made by the Apple Corporation. Much of the software inside my Mac is free, but a lot of it isn't. It works very well, and I have yet to find any computing platform that can hold a candle to it. Linux is OK, but just OK, for a cheap portable computer that I use only on the road.

You would be unwilling to use a Macintosh, because its software is not entirely free and open. That's your choice, and you are free to do that. I choose otherwise, with no shame whatsoever.
@masterofthetiger @Phaserune @purism

I am also sitting in a Herman Miller Aeron chair as I type this. I paid $1,000 for this chair, about six years ago. I expect it to server me well for at least another 20 years. It was worth every penny.
@Phaserune @masterofthetiger @purism

Why is it that my fingers often type "server", when I meant to type "serve". Weird.

People need to be steered away from nonfree software. They can install it if they want, but purposely making it easier is not a good way to go. Purposely making it harder is often the wrong approach, but not making nonfree software easy to install is not bad.

Good for you. You chose to use a Mac, but don't encourage others to use it. Simple as that.

@Phaserune @purism

@purism Nice! But is it not preferable to use the Browser instead of an App? As a matter of principle, because the browser can block unwanted connections! 🙂

@purism Webapps should have icons of the same size as native applications. Otherwise it looks ugly. Some editor of these shortcuts will be useful.

PS Thank you for a lot of work on Linux phone.

@nowakowski thank you! Yes we agree, we will improve the size of the icons :)

@purism when i click on the image in the ios newest librem app the app crashes

@goatwildernesscollective thank you I will let the Librem One team know. Is it happening on any other images?

@goatwildernesscollective the team would like to know what your iOS version is to see how it compares with their other reports. Thanks!

@purism Was this Librem 5 dropped? It looks like the backlight is illuminating his palm (2nd picture).

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