"Unlike most modern smartphones, it has a user-replaceable battery. And there are hardware kill switches that let you disable the camera, mic, WiFi, Bluetooth, and/or cellular baseband."

@purism so the latest edition I was offered in my email was "pine".... is there any way to extend that wait until the "fir" edition comes out?

@soothsayer it may be possible, could you contact the team again and ask them about changing your batch.

@purism I'm assuming you mean through the email they sent. I will do so this evening.

@purism odering as soon as riot or e2e compatible client works on it. love to see you get things off the ground

@kmj Fractal scales well on Mobile and we are also working on a Librem Chat client for the Librem 5.

running to much HS so need Riot or compatible client to these HS.

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