I'm not a dev but an app I definitely want is a good GPS navigation app!

@micahbp @purism a good gps nav app that I can use for hiking is the only thing keeping me from hitting that preorder button. Hopefully a dev makes one. Can’t wait to be done with Apple.

Really, GPS navigation is probably the most important app outside of Call and text for a phone nowadays!

@micahbp @purism The lack of something equivalent to #OSMAnd is what has kept preventing me from switching to anything else than Android.

I tried #SailfishOS and it frankly I wanted to stay, but the navigation apps available just sucked.

@Naughtylus @micahbp @purism

Have you tried Pure Maps? It's a map and navigation app with a lot of features. Depending on how you use #OSMAnd, this could be a good alternative on #SailfishOS.

I has not. Don't use Sailfish. Does it support any other platforms?
@Naughtylus @purism

@micahbp @Naughtylus @purism @sailfishosnews github.com/rinigus/pure-maps

Pure Maps is an application for Sailfish OS and Linux

never tried on linux (desktop), but on sfos is my preferred navigation app

@sailfishosnews @micahbp @purism I was planning on trying sailfish again, I will be sure to check that out then

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