@purism So excited for the #Librem5. Continued thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and sending code upstream. #opensource

@purism are you already working on Calendar and Email programms and will they be available at time of shipping?

@purism will there be a mail client for imap etc?

Also telegram and protonmail would be perfect to see in the list of apps

@purism I'd be happy with Phone, SMS, Contacts, Settings (for Wifi and Bluetooth), Email, Camera.Calculator, PDF viewer. AND a good browser. I occasionally use-, but am willing to give up-, skype, telegram.
GPS and acceleration/motion chips are too risky, I'll give up the convenience of those.
Every step/person in your supply chain, could get threatened to comply with embedding tiny trackers on the chips and boards, so please have layers of security, and war-time "loose-lips-sink-ships" policy to keep your supply chain secret and difficult to discover by social engineering.
If you could comment on all this, I'd appreciate it.

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