What do you use your Librem laptop for? Work, hobbies, play or all of the above? We’d love to hear :)

@purism that looks like a poorly photoshopped macbook

@feld @purism

Apple didn't exactly invent taking pictures of a laptop with software running on it.

@Purism I use my #librem13 for everything , but mostly work day in day out (external monitor keyboard / mouse)    
I can't wait for my librem5 to ship so I will have a similar experience on my phone and can dump the iphone  (already dumped the mac)
I also have some steam stuff installed but little time for games these days


I write. I write a lot.

Blogs, papers, publications… using browsers, , pads, , , even . I dabble with code, mostly and to keep my boxen running. A lot of side communication happens: , , ,

I do research, reading, data processing, and too often trying to read horrid scans of microfilm of old documents in mid-French. Doc viewer, image viewer, they comfort me.

But not as much as the keyboard on my Librem 13. ❤️

@purism I use it to learn how to use Linux and personal "business": taxes and the likes. The also does multimedia really well.

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