I still think that rebranding other people's projects to make them look like they're your work without even talking to them first is a pretty awful move, but I do love this idea.

@Blort Please don't take offense at this.

If no one ever 'rebranded' other peoples work we'd still be in the stone age. The thought that an idea belongs to someone is wrong.
Two people can have the same idea at the same time. Who owns it then? It's not our place to judge.
People have always copied other people and put their own spin on it. That's how evolution works. That's how progress works.
I know it sounds harsh, but it's true.

Sorry if I hurt any feelings, I just had to say something.

@Blort One more thought. If someone 'stole' my idea I'd be flattered that they thought it was important enough to build on.
That's how free open-source software works.

If we both exchange a dollar, we both still have one dollar.
But if we both exchange an idea we now both have two ideas.
As you can see, ideas are not finite like objects.
If we all hoarded our ideas like finite resources, growth and progression would end.

@purism what is LibreM dial going to be under the hood? Have you looked at collaborating with JMP.chat ?

@purism Amazing work Purism. I love the idea, the concept, it's amazing.
This is the phone of my dreams.



The old Blackberry 10 devices are still fantastic for privacy and super cheap secondhand if you need something to tide you over until Librem.

Ordered it a loooooong time ago.. Waiting to finally have it in hand, and write about it on decentralize.today


@purism How different would 911 work on an OTT system? I'm not all that sure what happens with it in today's carrier system, so I'm not sure what the differences would be on something like librem dial.

@purism Number portability is key. I have very little confidence in carriers' ability to competently perform number assignments (WLNP/FMNP).

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