Quick reminder: The pre-order price of the Librem 5 GNU/Linux powered smartphone goes up $50 at midnight tonight.

@purism Binary blobs, wireless N wifi, 720p display, with your track record of delivery dates, security bugs and poor service. No thanks

@cyrillico @purism
To the contrary. There are zero binary blobs and that's exactly why you only get n, as all available ac wifi components would need a blob. Don't confuse blobs with firmware.
The absence of allows you to install any OS, even 100% libre ones.

@danielst @purism I am aware of this, but if this is really the case then why wont they say which wifi chipset they're using?

@cyrillico @purism
Either because their communication is sometimes lacking, or they don't want to point competition to it, or they think it's not important that it'll be the same Redpine chip as on the devkit. Or any combination of the above 😉

@purism So this means shipping starts as well?!
"Preorder special pricing ($649) ends when general availability and shipping begins."

@purism Any plans for contactless/NFC Payments on Librem 5 ? Maybe Librem CryptoWallet with NFC payments ? This is a HUGE feature these days. I don't even have a Physical Wallet for 4+ years and use purely Samsung Pay on my phone and my smartwatch. Pub. transport in London is all contactless.

The construction of the Librem 5 would make NFC difficult. At least I recall reading that somewhere. Something about metal interfering.

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