@purism I really, really want to trust you folks. Your work is super exciting.

What actions have you taken to address the concerns around your privacy and infrastructue issues brought up about both LibremOne and other results of the Yale Privacy Lab report twitter.com/YalePrivacyLab/sta



We're ok with you loving us. :)

Our marketing director answered all of the questions in that Twitter thread. But we would, of course, be available to answer any questions you have.

Are there items you are specifically concerned about? Privacy is, obviously, rather a big deal for us! :)

@purism Where did they address it? I saw "I want to address it" but not anything more than that.

Can you point to something in depth?

My concern is that forking applications and removing the maintainers branding without talking to them first, doesn't really seem like "Working well with upstream", even if it's within the letter of the GPL etc. Eg. The maintainer of #Tusky @ConnyDuck didn't seem particularly thrilled at how you worked "with" them.

#FOSS is all about collaboration and community.

@purism Why does your mastodon app block the largest mastodon server?

Hi, what is the largest mastodon server? I’m not familiar with mastodon, so curious to know.

Hi, do you block other mastodon servers? If so, is there a list of blocked servers?

@tengo @purism


Librem.one's mobile app won't allow users to connect to gab.

Librem's entire philosophy is about freedom, privacy and choice - yet they take away people's choices with their app? not cool!

@DavidBond @purism
Ah yes, I seen some toots about that. There were quite a few servers(instances?) blocked them, wasn’t there?

I didn’t really follow the debate. Maybe a case of free speech, but not without consequence?

I see what you mean about the freedom side of things. Maybe if @purism make their position on blocking clear it’s easier for users to make an informed decision about using them.

@purism thanks Librem One Design Principles: Services You Can Trusthttps://puri.sm/posts/librem-one-design-principles-simple-secure-applications/ #purism #gnu
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