@vancha @purism Thanks, I already found that but all the speculations are missing the third dimension ;)

@vancha @purism Found this after all: forums.puri.sm/t/pocketable-or
It says 14mm - which is almost twice as much as a OnePlus 3 for example...

@honigdachse hah, much thicker than mine too ^^ I don't care much for size/weight though. I'm happy about the fact that there's going to be a phone based on fully free software, and a functional implementation of linux.
Hopefully that space gets filled with as big of a battery as possible to make up for it then ;)

@vancha I'm not too concerned about the size but 5,7" and 14mm thick is not something you can keep in your pocket, at least not in mine :D

@honigdachse to be honest, I wear baggy pants to fit my phone, not the other way around 😐

@purism will the final technical specifications announced before the end of sale or after?

@purism THIS IS SO EXCITING! I've had my pre-order since January and I am SO ready to have it in my hand this year!

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