Runs on Librem 5, Day 6 - Evince Document Reader, Opening a PDF

@purism this is supposed to improve privacy. How come sharing video on YouTube alone helps that? Please share a link which won't track viewers.

@imcmjha @purism IIRC @lunduke used #PeerTube but their instance of choice went down.

It may be time to add it to the Librem One bundle though :)

@thibaultamartin @purism @lunduke I saw a peertube instance of purism with one video(the commercial of librem one). Not sure it is official one but if it is, then we can be optimistic.

@imcmjha I have asked this same question a couple of times without an answer from @purism .Apparently they don't consider it to be a relevant concern.

@imcmjha We were using a Peertube instance that went offline. We'll be sharing direct download links to these videos soon as well.

We also share on YouTube to help reach people who may be concerned about privacy and Freedom related issues... but don't know it yet. :)

@purism Love this series of videos, each one make me a little more convinced that the Librem 5 will be a viable option for my next phone?

Would love to see if it can run a good Maps app. That's probably one of my biggest hesitations at this point.

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