mode aka works very well on with . then has a decent Internet according to speed test!

Time to abandon the walled gardens of and

@ozmik I have never heard of before. Thanks a lot! 😀

@ozmik Which one do you like best so far? I mean obviously the pinephone has a worse SoC, but the fact it can run so much more software and has a upcoming keyboard addon with a 6,000 mAh battery inside is pretty unique

@BrianA Actually can run all software that runs, and even more since it's faster. and are already ported to it, and other operating systems, I'm sure, will follow. See the details here:

The keyboard mod is really promising indeed. Although one could also use a Bluetooth keyboard instead, which works with all devices

Expect more about from me. In short, 5 is a higher quality product with more

@ozmik @BrianA Yeah, in my experience taking a distro for one of those devices and making it run on the other is usually trivial. So far the only issue I couldn't resolve myself in 30 minutes while playing with various OSes was Lomiri not liking etnaviv resulting in completely garbled screen output (which smells like a bug in Lomiri/Mir)

@dos @ozmik @BrianA
I have been tempted to try and get the openSUSE running on the Librem5. There is a pinephone image already so this sounds very promising. Not sure where to start thought... Is the best path just to try and flash the pinephone image and try and try to fix what breaks?

@emil @ozmik @BrianA When I'm playing with other distros, I usually put the image on a SD card, copy kernel modules into its rootfs and then boot the PureOS kernel with `root` parameter pointing to the SD card partition. Then the usual things to do is checking whether mesa is compiled with etnaviv/mxsfb support, adding PulseAudio & ALSA UCM configs, removing PinePhone specific modem daemons etc.

@emil @ozmik @BrianA In some cases it may be helpful to compile the kernel with everything built-in, so it doesn't have to rely on modules in initramfs, as the PureOS initramfs may be incompatible with other distros (but from experience it actually works fine with some, like pmOS)

@ozmik how stable is the connection over an hour with the phone screen off? My mobian keeps killing off wifi and data after about 5 minutes of screen off time. 😭

@nick Indeed the connection is lost when Pinephone goes to sleep mode. Change the Power Settings - Automatic Suspend.

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