Follow Any suggestions for an alternative to Google Authenticator?

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Authy will back up your keys and sync them to all your devices.

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>Any suggestions for an alternative to Google Authenticator?

I've been happy with freeOTP. Its very similar to Google Authenticator—if I recall correctly, Red Hat forked it from gAuth when google closed down that codebase

@nwallace @switchingsocial FreeOTP+ is what I use, found it on F-Droid.

Apparently it's a fork of a previous version of Google Authenticator before they closed-sourced it, like the rest of the Android system.

Aegis Authenticator (Free, secure and open source 2FA app to manage tokens for your online services) -

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@nwallace @switchingsocial If you need options for iOS, there are:

- Tofu
- FreeOTP

Both are opensource.

@nwallace 1Password has excellent two-factor authentication built-in.

There used to be an excellent one called Mozilla Persona. Unfortunately, Mozilla Foundation has abandoned it long ago. The good thing is that it's free and open source software, so anyone can continue it from where they abandoned it.



LastPass Authenticator works well. Option to integrate with your LastPass management account if you have one

@Nathan Wallace plenty open source two-factor auth solutions out there. Just google for it :p
Maybe: #^ as an example?
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