I'm (gradually) moving to @cnx for a federated timeline. Since the account is on a instance, it is not (yet) possible for me to automatically move followers from this instance, if you want to read my future posts, follow me on nixnet!

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This year we had great candidates for GSoC and it wasn't an easy choice, but we could only pick two. Congrats to Alejandro Domínguez and Kai A. Hiller. They will work on Fractal-Next to achieve feature parity with current Fractal and add multi-account support.

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anyone has an example of a University which deploys a self-hosted stack to handle online meetings and other interactions? avoiding things like Zoom and Teams

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What's the point of using GPL license if you're also dual licensing it as permissive license or even proprietary license?

Fuck Cloudfare and those giving them monopolistic power.

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> We support the establishment of
a public institution that is fully financed with public funds, is neutral regarding the producer, and will
support audiovisual entertainment content on any screen or platform.

ie "we want to fund RIAA/MPAA/Music Canada with your taxpayer dollars" #yalereport GET FUCKED
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@purism please add the local/federated timelines and direct messaging back into librem social.
it just takes away functionality for no reason.
it gives a compelling reason to just use another instance. i can't find any new people to follow without the timelines and i can't continue a toot thread in private with anyone. it makes librem social very boring and anti-social.

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"Elsevier and the USDOJ have declared war against Sci-Hub and open science."

Help preserve access to millions of scientific articles by seeding them before they get taken down. reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comme

OK I got admitted, middle ranked, but the financial issue remains. Guess I wasted the application fee of €30 for nothing.

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I'm gonna alias the shell command "lick" to touch a file and change the owner to me.

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Audacious' shuffling algorithm really loves Joyner Lucas' ADHD for some reason. I'm not complaining.

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as we talk about the morality of vaccine patents

i think it is a nice time to also remember historical precident

jonas salk did not patent the polio vaccine. he went out of his way to make sure it was not patented.

he never got rich. he actively made sure he didn't get rich off of it.

but that history is full of stories about how for the rest of his life, jonas salk did not have to ever pay for a beer in any bar in this country. he would get on airplanes and once somebody recognized his name, the entire damn plane would stand up and clap for him. he constantly had hotel rooms comped, meals for free at restaurants, thus and so.

because he was surrounded by people who knew he had saved their children from having to ever consider the fear of an iron lung, and were overwhelmingly grateful for it.

he was always modest and demure when recognized thusly. but i think that when people start saying "well why else would someone make a vaccine, if not to get paid for it and hold the patent", i think it is good to remember these stories. the world did not punish jonas salk for not patenting the polio vaccine. the world loved him for it. maybe not in the structures that billionaires are most used to. but they did love him for it, in small ways, in humble ways, on the individual level.

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TypeSense search engine.

An open-source alternative to Algolia and easier to use than ElasticSearch

GPL-3.0 licensed. Looks like a great #foss project!


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hijab ban 

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Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, free of copyright restrictions, and free of cost

See standardebooks.org/

#technology #opensource #ebooks #reading #nodrm

Fediverse, how do you point people to your PGP keys securely?

My Mastodon instance does not enable local (and federated) feed, so boosts are extremely appreciated!

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