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Issue #2 of "The Lunduke Journal" is out!

In this issue:
- The Best VGA DOS Games
- How to run a DOS Web Server
- A Disco suit for Paper Doll Tux
- Nerdy Cross Stitch & Color-by-Number
- Other nerdy fun!

Subscribers can grab the digital issue right here:

Current perks for becoming a Supporter of The Lunduke Journal. (There's a bunch. From books to exclusive Linux Sucks videos and regular publications.)

Is the constant onslaught of depressing or infuriating news getting you down?

Need an escape? Need to recharge your soul?

Try a Color-By-Number of the very first arcade video game ever made: Computer Space!

In the current issue of The Lunduke Journal:

What if Tux the Penguin (the Linux mascot)... was a paper doll?

What if you could dress Tux however you like?

In the debut issue of The Lunduke Journal... you can make that dream a reality.

Grab the DRM-Free issue right here:

The Lunduke Journal issue #1 is available for download!

In this issue: History of Computer BBS's + How to Set up your own!

Plus Nerdy Crafts!

- Paper Doll Tux the Penguin (seriously)
- Nerdy Cross Stitch
- Color-by-Number of the first arcade video game

"Linux for Hank" -- A book about Linux... that you can read to a two year old.

The digital version (in both PDF and CBZ formats -- DRM free, naturally) is available as a perk (one of many) for everyone who subscribes to The Lunduke Journal.

Right here:

Back in 2016 I was lucky enough to do a live show with guest appearances from Richard Stallman, author Piers Anthony, and then head of Red Hat Jim Whitehurst.

So much fun.

I recorded a commentary track for it as a perk for my subscribers on Locals.

Luckily there were some really fun, usable clips.

I have stitched all of those together (roughly 17 minutes worth) and am presenting them as “Linux Sucks 2019 - The Lost Recordings".

This massive (yet fun) trainwreck is available for everyone who is a member of my Locals community (one of the many perks). Click the link below, sign up (if you haven't already), and enjoy. :)

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- Significant portions of the video were lost.

- The entire slide deck was lost (seriously).

- I had two of my kids with me (3 and 8) as my wife was at home with our newborn – and my 3 year old managed to get into several portions of the video (and audio)… being as I don't want to publish widely distributed video of my kids, those chunks became totally unusable.

- Add to that the fact that some portions of the show just went off the rails anyway… Whew! What a mess! What can ya do, eh? :)

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Linux Sucks 2019 - "The Lost Recordings"

Aka: The Great Trainwrek!

In 2019, I did a live show called “Linux Sucks: In Space". (The most recent -- as of that point -- installment of the Linux Sucks series, which has been viewed millions of times over the last few years.)

That 2019 show was a total trainwreck. In nearly every conceivable way.

A comic strip. About a computer virus. The world needs more stuff like that right now. (The comic, not the virus.)

Oh, if you want more nerdy stuff like this -- and to talk with other nerds in a politics (and troll-free) community... Clicky-clicky.

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