@lunduke Hi Bryan,
Thanks for posting it early. Now we enjoy it in Europe this evening.
Wish we could be there live.
Hopefully next year we can see it live again.

For those old games, maybe try running them in an old retro chroot rather than on an old retro pc. Running steam and all its 32-bit games inside a chroot works well enough for me. Maybe it'll work for old games too

@lunduke ...at first while browsing through my Mastodon timeline and glancing at that Linux Sucks image I thought tux was c*ck and balls...

@lunduke I use desktop GNU/Linux and am proud to do so! Admittedly though my computing needs are very simple.

@lunduke What a sad, eye-opening state.
Time to implement more benevolent dictatorships of limited scope.


First I would like to thank you for taking the trouble to produce this video. Locked at home and without the drive of a live audience, this effort is well appreciated. The video is both funny and thoughtful, one of the best things I watched since the lock-down. So thoughtful in fact that I feel compelled to write down a few reactive thoughts of my own.


The figures you showed from Google's search engine are on a first look rather intriguing. I wondered when I last entered the term "Linux" into a search engine and I just can not tell. I mostly search for particular software or programming languages, at best I may browse for something specific to the distribution I use. Linux? Perhaps a handful of searches per year.


But more importantly, none of those searches will ever be recorded by Google. Soon after Edward Snowden went public I quit using the search engine from that company, by this time I have stopped using almost every one of their free services. While some of my colleagues and friends remain unfazed by Google, many others have too reduced their reliance. Modern internet browsers have in many cases switched their default search engine to something less intrusive.


I wonder if the peak around 2008 in Linux search with Google is simply an artefact of a particular juncture in the history of the internet and computing in general.

An aspect I was surprised to not see referenced in the video is the doubling in Linux use since the lock-down came into force. For two consecutive months Linux has yielded 3% of the market share. Joey Sneddon speculates that at home users are free from the constraints imposed in corporate environments. I tend to agree.


Both in industry as in academia barriers are constantly erected to the adoption of desktop Linux. In some cases it is outright banned, otherwise users are required to use software that only executes on Windows. I deal with such situations daily.

Now to the most concerning segment of the video, the development of the Linux Kernel. My experience is by nature biased, restricted to the community I know, but I believe still relevant.


I am a charter member of the OSGeo Foundation and have contributed code to various of its projects. In 2016 I was one of the founding members of the Project Steering Committee of the PyWPS project. Throughout the past decade I attended many a conference and code sprint organised by OSGeo and its local chapters. Among those folks in this community that contribute code Linux is by far the most popular desktop system.


This is true of any of the three big families in OSGeo: C/C++, Java and Python. There is usually a sizeable minority of MacIntosh users, but Linux rules. Even in workshops, where most attendants are entry level programmers, Linux is always well represented.


My experience with the Linux Kernel community is non existent. I am therefore baffled by the observation that in that community MacIntosh is the prevailing desktop. From that I would not necessarily conclude that Linux people are dumb. I rather wonder whether the Linux Kernel is still developed by Linux people.

Take care.

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