Well, friends, we did it. All 5 members of the Lunduke family are sick at the same time.


@lunduke yup, been there done that. congrats on the achievement .

hope all gets better soon.

@lunduke So sorry to hear that. Get well soon! (We stopped passing stuff around when I got a sanitizing dish washer. Might help you guys too.)

@lunduke Excellent... Everything is happening according to the plan...

Now it is time to begin stage two and contaminate the neighbors...

THEN, the world... 🌍

@lunduke sorry to hear that dude. Hope at least one of you feels better soon

@lunduke What is your ailment? Tell us when you get better. I wish you a speedy recovery! πŸ‘

@lunduke that's a hard achievement to unlock. Congratulations

@lunduke well that's what you call family time. Hope it's cosy together. Get well soon!

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