Let's get ahead of the game this week!

Got Linux-y questions? Got Open Source-y questions?

Ask 'em! Right here! And they just *might* get covered on the next .

Could be technical questions. Could be historical. Could be completely theoretical! :)

Everyone and their prefered pet talks about kdenlive but what about all the other linux and open source editors such as flowblade, shotcut, Lives, cinelerra (and its history of forks) and the excitingly new Olive? Do you think that we focus too narrowly on kde's mlt based editor that we fail to acknowledge the variety that we have?

Ps. Ffmepg rulez, down with premiere!


@lunduke do you see mobile versions of Gnu/Linux as a potential new market for gaming?

@lunduke FSF without RMS - GNU, value of endorsment, RYF, etc.

@lunduke do you think that for a Windows user coming to Linux, is it now as easy as on Windows to install drivers and game launchers and game (of course excluding cheat engine games)

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