Yeah, baby.

Matt Hartley is back.

Get your Linux-y questions and topics in now with the hashtag .

@lunduke This has been bugging me for ages. On the top of the there is a rectangular thingy, what is it? It kinda looks like a fingerprint sensor or a speaker. Thanks btw I use Manjaro 🐧

PS (Maybe do an in depth hardware tour??)

Here's a picture of what I'm talking about

@lunduke what is the best linux distro in your opinion, good sir? And (if this is different) what was the best linux distro release? I have seen your video on the worst, but I'd like to ask for what you prefer.

@lunduke what kind of dinosaurs did you rescue him from ;-)

@lunduke would linux (as in the whole family of linux based operating systems) really benefit from mass adoption, or would it actually be worse off? #LinuxThursday.

@lunduke #linuxthursday

What's the best distro for an admin out-of-the-box? All the useful tools for admining and troubleshooting a mixed environment?

Just curious. When was the last time you parked a hard drive?

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