I made the mistake of engaging with a couple trolls yesterday.

Was feeling raw, let my guard down, and responded. Such a newbie mistake on my part. Yeesh.

Mental note: just ignore the trolls.

@lunduke A mistake we all make from time to time. Sometimes it's good sport though. 😉


I saw that thread last night and thought about jumping in, but decided to it let it die.

You didn't lose your cool, which is a good thing.

In the end, their opinions don't matter. And unlike Twitter, they can't silence you here.

@lunduke Not sure if they were "trolls". They seemed to me the usual product of our education, where students are brainwashed by the liberal propaganda designed to make them into faceless little SJW NPCs. And then they could not pass a chance to poke at you, because they cannot forgive anyone with an audience not to toe the liberal line to the utmost. At least they were low level minions who did not run to Twitter to dox you immediately.
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