reminder that the guy #BryanLunduke that claimed mozilla is sponsoring "#antifa email" is marketing director at #purism.
He claimed that #mozilla would by this, support a domestic terrorist organisation. In fact they where supporting a hosting collective focused on security.
see here for reffer:

When I was pointing him out on his errors and miss understanding of what antifa actually is, he claimed me doing libel. I gave him my word that he will be driven off from here, when he does not change his agenda. he's back as marketing director of #purism. How to respond to this?
cc @purism

see also:

having #BryanLunduke to be part of your company is actually harmfull for your brand, except when you try to apeal to the right wing.


Are you really accusing @lunduke of being "alt-right"?

Jesus, stop embarrassing yourself, kid!


@gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

Wait. Am I alt-right again? :)

I can never keep track. Some days I'm a communist. Other days a fascist. Occasionally a Liberal. Today, I guess, I'm alt-right! :)

Hey @paulfree14: I don't think you and I are as different as you might think. My guess is you're a nice guy that means well and strives to do good in the world.

Maybe we can both be alt-Awesome?

To be fair, if you consider antifascism to be terrorism while working for a company that prides itself in providing a platform for violent extremists, you're just a bad person, regardless of what label you want to throw out
@gabriele @paulfree14 @purism

@steven @gabriele @paulfree14 @purism


1) Being against fascism is not terrorism and I have never said anything remotely like that.

2) I do not work for a company that "prides itself in providing a platform for violent extremists." You're gonna need to back that one up.

3) That was a really mean post.

@paulfree14 @steven @gabriele @purism

Yes. That's a thing. I discuss legal status and statements made by government officials about a specific organization (one that associates with *many* other loosely knit organizations sharing a name). How is that alt-right?

Saying people are terrorists because they oppose fascism is pretty fucked up, especially when you consider the fact that you're currently working for an organization that promotes and caters to violent extremists
@paulfree14 @gabriele @purism

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@steven @paulfree14 @gabriele @purism

I'm not saying that. Not in the slightest.

I was covering how government officials consider a specific organization. Had zero to do with my own viewpoints.

And... can you point to where Purism does what you say?

Which specific organization? The screenshot refers only to Antifa, and there aren't any antifa groups that can be described as terrorist organizations

It's also weird that you're claiming Purism didn't fork Mastodon when that's clearly a lie
@paulfree14 @gabriele @purism

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