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1) Being against fascism is not terrorism and I have never said anything remotely like that.

2) I do not work for a company that "prides itself in providing a platform for violent extremists." You're gonna need to back that one up.

3) That was a really mean post.

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Yes. That's a thing. I discuss legal status and statements made by government officials about a specific organization (one that associates with *many* other loosely knit organizations sharing a name). How is that alt-right?

@lunduke @purism @gabriele @steven @paulfree14 something like "everyone that isn't antifa is a fascist" i'd assume.

Bryan Lunduke, anti antifa 

@June that dude got a show where he talks about tech stuff.
some time ago he made that video where he reproduced the positions of an right-wing goverment that decleard antifa to be terrorism. the video was rather clickbait, as he didn't had much informations to contribute, due to missing any done research on the topic.

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"Antifa are the real fascists" I cry as I attack marginalized groups for daring to stand up to their oppressors.

Seriously, these fucking assholes...

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