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Someone over on the tweeters said something that got me thinking...

Before "Google" existed, software was undeniably:

- faster
- more memory efficient
- less DRM-y
- less dependent on services

Maybe we were better at making software before we could "Google" things.

Maybe there's no causation there at all. But, I tell ya, the correlation is bonkers strong.

@lunduke in a way isn't just everyone trying to innovate and baking in as many features as possible to stay competitive? can't argue with less DRM-y and dependent on services though...

@lunduke We're on your side on that one, and oh gosh, the beauty of well written, 8 bit game software! *(You caught me playing Jill of the Jungle in a DOS box!)

@lunduke I agree but it was also less complex, more error prone, and did a lot less

I don't have a counterargument for the DRM stuff because I don't like DRM

@lunduke You talk about Googling things, but I think the correlation is much more direct and obvious: before V8 and Chrome, web apps were mostly just toys. By making web apps viable, and then by releasing Android and their Play Store, Google dramatically lowered both the bar and expectation for apps. Now we're constantly being bombarded with trash software written by randos, so we no longer realize high quality software used to be a thing that existed.

@lunduke Even worse: Google is also a major distributor of malware through the Play Store, Chrome Store, and their advertising networks.

@lunduke "Oh but it's not our fault! We can't possibly be expected to manually vet all of the hundreds of thousands of developers and advertising customers we have!"

Gosh, maybe we don't really need a thousand flashlight apps and randos even Google has never heard of trying to sell us random shit? Maybe it's not necessary to serve the lowest common denominator? Maybe quantity isn't better than quality?

Want a simple comparison ?
Download the Iso of ubuntu 9.04 and the newest stable version and try them both.

@lunduke Heh. Same for before Macromedia, before Realplayer, before JavaScript.

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