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What is more important: Freedom or Truth?

Here's my take:



@lunduke Freedom, because we need the freedom to find the truth.

@lunduke Interesting that the Masto results are opposite the Twitter results *(at last check)

@Kaiju @lunduke The end result of both polls, found freedom preferred on both Masto and Twitter!

@lunduke if every one knew the truth, it would be easier to get people to want freedom. As everyone is being lied to, very few people know that they are not free. and they just go along with what they are told.

The wizards 10th rule:
"Ignoring truth is betraying yourself."

sorry, just read the Sword of truth books :P couldn't help myself.

The truth, because the truth sets you free. (John 8:32)

@Simon @lunduke

Only in the mind and morally. To get physical freedom, you have to work for it.

But I didn't watch, so I don't know how you define each term

@lunduke More important theoretically or practically?
Theoretically you can't answer - you can be free in the matrix, and you can know everything and be a egyptian slave.

Practically: totally 100% truth to everyone, so that the power of masses of people, even if not legally free to do so, would overthrow government and big corporations, causing reasonable freedom emerge anyways.

One could also think of it in the way of speech - you can either utilize free speech, or acknowledge the truth that it can harm people. N word is a simple example.

@lunduke Both are equally important. You need to be free in order to seek the truth, and you need to know the truth about that which shackles you in order to seek freedom. Sadly, most people don't know that they are shackled and just follow along with societal and corporate norms, adhering to what corporations like Microsoft and Google tell them and allowing themselves to be indoctrinated by their nation's schools. That is neither truth nor freedom.

@lunduke Freedom. People should be allowed wrong.

@Wolf480pl @lunduke after all, much of what we think is 'true' is bound be false in the future.

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