@mntmn I mainly read phoronix.com and osnews.com for that sort of content.

@ajmartinez I'm glad to hear that those are finally appearing in the wild. I ordered one quite some time ago, but I don't know when they will get shipping mine... Maybe it'll be some time this month *crosses fingers*.

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@mntmn The FP3 has a seriously great hardware design. Please do take inspiration from it.

Unfortunately, I personally just can't in good faith purchase another Android phone when companies like purism and pine64 are releasing real Linux phones.

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@reality2cast @katherined @dsearls @kyle Another great episode! I particularly liked the section about privacy/tracking.

I do wonder if perhaps http is in a sense inherently broken in this respect. I find myself thinking that something like the protocol en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemini may be one the only viable directions away from this mess.

I guess one big question on that is, is it possible to operate a storefront over gemini given its design restrictions?

@mntmn Right now I see the biggest gaps in open/privacy respecting hardware actually being in the tablet and ereader space. So I might suggest something in the form factor of either the ipad mini, or a smaller 6" ereader device.

You could then further extend the utility of the device by having a pogo pin connector on the back/side, allowing for an attached keyboard or other mods. Anyhow, that's my two cents.

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#PineTalk Episode 007 is out!

Shaken, not stirred: An interview with @danct12 , creator of a the Arch Linux ARM Spin for #PinePhone and #PineTab, Feedback, two aspects of the latest Community Update, and four listener questions. Listen Now!

Full show notes: pine64.org/podcast/007-my-name

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Here are the full sources for the new LS1028A processor module for MNT Reform, designed by RBZ Embedded Logics (Madrid): source.mnt.re/reform/mnt-refor

The chip on this module has dual ARM Cortex-A72 processors and 8GB or 16GB DDR4 RAM while keeping the Vivante GC7000L GPU with open source drivers.

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If you want to have a cool #retroarch setup on postmarketOS edge like lazzardo, check out the new wiki page he wrote:

Most devices, like his BQ Aquaris X5, or the #pinephone and #librem5 need a touch input scaling patch. So he created one, upstreamed it to RetroArch and applied in Alpine 🎉

@linmob Question for next PineTalk podcast:

So, I ordered a pine phone from the latest batch, which is due to ship by the end of the month IIRC. The question is, what would be your top three recommendations of which OS to run on it and why?

I should also state that I really don't want to cause a flame war here, I just want to get an honest evaluation of the current state of the best OSes for the pine phone. Thanks in advance!

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@dos @merge @purism I really like the implications of this post. Great work team!

@manjarolinux Ya know, I've been waiting on my Librem 5 order for so long that I might just pick one of these up.

Thanks for the heads up.

@stereo @PINE64 @adele This makes me wish that my mastadon client interpreted gemini links as a proper clickable URLs. The more I read about gemini, the more I like it.

@mntmn oh and here is an afterthought, but if you do opt for the 1L desktop design, see if it is possible to add a second Ethernet port to it. That would open up the option of using it marketing it as a viable fanless pfsense/ipfire router.

@mntmn I think making something in the 1L mini desktop form would be great. Check the following for an example:


@linmob Looks cool! What are your thoughts on Gemini right now? What space do you envision it occupying in the future?

@LinuxLounge Nice choice! I'm a big fan of the OST for Celeste.

Right now I'm jamming out to the OST for the newly released Loop Hero (loophero.com). They had launch day availability on Linux so I would recommend checking it out if you enjoy pixel art indie games.

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