@linmob I went top-of-the-line and ended up ordering the A-06 with the 4G modem.

From the youtube reviews I saw on the clockworkpi DevTerm (a different device) it sounds like they addressed nearly all complaints that people had with that earlier device in the uConsole (i.e. sturdier construction, backlit keyboard, and shorter keys). So all told, I'm really looking forward to it.

@linmob I tried so hard to talk myself out of ordering one of these... but failed. So anyhow, now I'm super excited for its delivery a few months from now.

Thanks for dropping this link!

@PINE64 Sounds good. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

@normandc @martijnbraam @lanodan Thats a pro tip there for sure, for an even longer life combine this technique with hanging them to dry instead of using a dryer.

@mntmn Looking great! Here's a question for you though.

Based on the video it looks like the SOC module is already occupying a good chunk of the device. Based on what I saw in the preorder/shop page for the LS1028A module, it looks like that module is appreciably larger (than the imx8m). Would it be possible to use that new LS1028A module within the Pocket Reform, or would that not fit?

@craftyguy @jakob It works great in all of those scenarios. The only thing that isn't perfect is that the on screen keyboard doesn't automatically come up when you search for videos. So just manually enable it before trying to search. Also, if using a pinephone set preferred video quality to 360p, any higher and the phone will choke. Enjoy!

@postmarketOS I'm super excited to check this out. Thank you for all of your hard work!

@jakob FYI: As a former newpipe user myself, FreeTube is a decent alternative available on Flathub. Also, MMS does actually work on stable now. You just have to make sure to get things configured correctly within Chats/Chatty (check under preferences / Protocol Settings / SMS and MMS settings / MMS Carrier Settings). You can always search online for which settings to use for your particular carrier.

That said, this was a great blog post, thanks!

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we want to get the first batch of the LS1028A open hardware CPU/RAM module for MNT Reform (or your own projects!) off the ground. you can preorder 8GB and 16GB versions now and will get a refund if we shouldn't reach 70 orders by end of 2022 (this should be doable, right!?).

link: shop.mntmn.com/products/mnt-re

@linmob Another great summary! Thanks for always taking the time to pull together the news into a nice little package. I certainly appreciate it.

@linmob Absolutely not!

I think the linux phone ecosystem is only thriving as well as it is now because of the existence of both the pinephone and the Librem 5. I think it is important that there are options at multiple price points. Purism's big contribution was in Phosh, phoc and squeekboard. Pine64's big contribution was getting out devices quickly and cheaply to developers.

In a lot of ways, I view the pinephone as the raspberry pi of the linux phone world...

@debconf @agx Oh and I had another thought/question. Given the good mainline support of the Snapdragon 845 as mentioned from the presentation. Does that mean that Purism is perhaps evaluating that SOC as an option for a future revision of the ?

I'm still waiting on my Librem5 order, but even so I am really jazzed about Linux phones, I don't ever want to go back to android. So it makes me excited about what you guys will make next. Anyhow I'm just curious.

@debconf That was a great presentation, thanks @agx .

I've been daily driving phosh on my pinephone (pmOS) for months now, and I think the feature I am most looking forward to is for convergence mode to remember how I had my displays configured when I connect a display. I always disable the built-in display when I hook my phone up to my nexdock, it would be great if the device remembered my preference and just reconfigured it as I last had it when connected.

@mntmn Hey, I know your company already seems to be super busy cranking out great products, but I have another product idea that I think would be great in your lineup.

In short I would recommend making a portable USB battery pack, utilizing LiFePo4 technology. Basically reuse some of the reform tech (set of 4 LiFePO4 cells + charger/controller + OLED system controller). If like the reform, the cells were replacable it would be to my knowlege the first of its kind.

Hey, here's a question for the world. I have been daily driving a running (22.06.1) and most everything works perfectly. The only exception I have had is with bluetooth. Currently I am able to connect bluetooth headphones but they disconnect after playing less than a second of audio. Has anybody had better success? Am I missing the installation of some package that just makes it all work? Thanks in advance everyone!

@tuxdevices @shiftphones @Fairphone I've been daily driving my pinephone for over half a year now and its been great. I agree with your rankings too.

I think the Librem 5 would be higher up the rankings if only people got the phones they ordered already. As for me, I've been waiting 3.5 years for mine to arrive. I'm don't plan to cancel my order as Purism does important work, but I must admit that the pine phone pro coming out, it does sting a bit.

@devrtz @trregeagle @kyle @purism They are ever so slightly different. Super+A puts the text search in focus. So you can start typing your app then use arrow down to tansfer focus to the grid and fire it up. Super+S puts the open app slider in focus so that you can immediately use left/right arrows to switch beteen apps.

@devrtz @trregeagle @kyle @purism I use my pinephone with a nexdock almost every day. Just in case you don't know already. There are two great hotkey combinations in phosh, Super+A and Super+S. The first opens the tray for launching new apps. The second opens the tray for easy task switching. Learning those hotkey combos in phosh dramatically improved my experience while in convergence mode.

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