@debconf That was a great presentation, thanks @agx .

I've been daily driving phosh on my pinephone (pmOS) for months now, and I think the feature I am most looking forward to is for convergence mode to remember how I had my displays configured when I connect a display. I always disable the built-in display when I hook my phone up to my nexdock, it would be great if the device remembered my preference and just reconfigured it as I last had it when connected.


@debconf @agx Oh and I had another thought/question. Given the good mainline support of the Snapdragon 845 as mentioned from the presentation. Does that mean that Purism is perhaps evaluating that SOC as an option for a future revision of the ?

I'm still waiting on my Librem5 order, but even so I am really jazzed about Linux phones, I don't ever want to go back to android. So it makes me excited about what you guys will make next. Anyhow I'm just curious.

@leimon @debconf That was more from the Debian point of view like: what's the likeliest thing that we can get booting, show up a display and run stock and that's not the devkit.

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