“Current trends in the automotive industry point to a future with you locked in a remote control car, your vendor holding the remote." puri.sm/posts/locked-in-a-remo

@purism Ugh... looks like the future of cars is going to suck.

I know this seriously wasn't the point you were trying to make but, how about after you guys finish up with your upcoming tablet release. Why not at least evaluate the feasibility of making a repairable, privacy respecting electric car that doesn't do the whole vendor lock-in thing. I've heard that the people at zero motorcycles have teamed up with other companies before to make electric cars.

Anyhow, keep up the good work!


@purism I suppose while I am dreaming out loud here, I should be more specific. I think what the world needs is an electric equivalent of the original VW Beetle. More specifically, it should be simplistic, affordable, and should be repairable by a single person within their garage.

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