I *think* I have managed to talk myself out of getting a very affordable used 60" production mechanical dobby loom with all the automated attachments.

One against it is the fact that it would only fits in my garage, and by the time I could clear out the space it would likely be gone. Do I really want to do production weaving in my dusty garage?

Finally, I guess the biggest argument is that I can't justify actually doing mass production weaving since this is just a hobby.

@kyle I personally find that it sometimes takes self-control to stop oneself from taking a hobby so far as to be a job and not a hobby (financially viable hobbies aside of course). I keep on wanting to go big on things I like, at the expense of things I'm better off doing (and even perhaps happier doing!).

@golemwire Yes! and there is always the question of whether turning something you enjoy as a hobby, into a job, would rob you of its enjoyment.

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