I've been quiet about my hackaday-inspired knitting clock project ever since I decided to replace the 48-hook machine with a 22-hook model, but that's because I've been busy learning 3D modeling!

I realized the new 22-hook knitting machine fits on my 3D printer bed, so instead of a wooden case, I designed a custom case for it using Tinkercad. I just started an epic 2 day, 8-hour print of the case that takes up my entire print bed!

After almost 16 hours, the case for my knitting clock is starting to take shape. You can now make out the central structure that will hold the knitting machine itself in place. While I tried to reduce overhangs, due to the nature of this model there still are quite a few so there will be a lot of internal support material to remove when this is done.

We are 40 hours in and the structure that holds the knitting machine itself is completed. All that is left are the walls which also have button and motor mounts in them.

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I had to cancel the print. There were a few flaws in the model that I couldn't ignore and that I wasn't able to see in the model itself. In particular the button mounting brackets were not attached to the sides of the case but just floating 1mm from the case. Rookie mistakes.

It's ok. This will allow me to make a few other refinements that I noticed when printing, but that weren't important enough by themselves to cancel it.

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Which printer are you using?

We are looking into buying our first one, as prices are coming down nicely. We want one with a big print area, because we know we will become frustrated by size restrictions as we learn to print more stuff.

@MaryPot I currently use an Ender 5 Pro, and as you can see I'm using up all of the available print area for this print! I've been very pleased with the quality of the prints when combined with the default Ender 5 printer profile in Prusaslicer.

@kyle is one of the things you learn about 3dprinting and what I love about it. Sometimes, you need to print it to see.

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